WWC: Bear & Out of Place

Back in the beginning of November, SuperDad took us hiking and camping in Shenandoah National Park, where we got to watch a pair of black BEAR eating nuts up in the trees:

Yep, definitely a BEAR!

This past Saturday, the roof of our house was required to BEAR quite a bit of snow.  The wind caused an interesting drift pattern:

Rather than have this OUT OF PLACE snowdrift wake us up in the middle of the night with a mighty kalumph! SuperDad rigged up a long pole and had MusicMan knock the excess weight off the edge of the roof.

So tell me, is there anything OUT OF PLACE in this picture?

If this year is anything like last year, the WWC will be on winter holiday until January 5th.

More pictures from better photographers can be found on the Weekly Words Challenge facebook and flickr pages.pages, hosted by the now non-blogging TinkJay usually manages the blogworld side of the WWC on Tuesdays, but he might be busy with Christmas & family stuff right now; however, he does have a nice link to a list of regular players.

16 responses to “WWC: Bear & Out of Place

  1. Well, I bet that was an adventure!

  2. I love those bears…how awesome is that. And wow…that is tons of snow YIKES!!!

  3. Oh, you hearty East Coasters!

  4. Goodness..an avalanche that nearly drove your boy into the tomato cages!

  5. Thats what i am talking about when i say snow!!!

  6. That’s a little closer to any bear than I would want to get. You never know when they might get tired of berries and want some meat! LOL

    Great pics as always. That snow drift is very cool.

  7. Love the bears, those are great shots. The snow drifts in such great patterns and you captured it well. Now, how did you son get there without disturbing too much snow?

  8. Wow! Real bears.
    That is a lot of snow for a roof.

  9. Ohhhhh I would have LOVED to seen those bears! Up at my hubby’s uncle’s house in PA they have bear come through their YARD! One came through while I was there and started shakin’ the pole that their bird feeder was on! He wanted that seed! That answered me why their bird feeder had to be 10 feet tall! That was a BIG bear and on his hind feet he was every bit of 9 feet tall!

    Love the kid relaxing on the deck! LOL!

  10. lol that bear looks so silly!

  11. Wow.. those bears are incredible. Fantastic shots, KC!

  12. very interesting images…..love the overhang of snow!!!

  13. I loved this post of the week. So delightful! Hope your winter holiday is delightful!

  14. Those are great shots! I particularly liked the oddly shaped drift. It looks as if someone covered your roof in meringue!

    I’m here via Hilary’s blog, congratulations on the post of the week, you caught some wonderful images and they are truly evocative. I honestly felt cold looking at them!

  15. Oops! Little snow for ya? Brrrrrrr.

    I am amazed that the weight of those bears didn’t break those branches. What a great find!

    P.S. Here from Hilary’s site at The Smitten Image.

  16. Here via Hilary’s POTW, for which, congratulations. Amazing bear pics, fancy. I mean we would consider ourselves fortunate to see a squirrel, or perhaps a fox; but to see not one bear but two of ’em, and up a tree…Amazing.