Thematic Photographic: Feet

I nearly missed this one!

Thankfully, my husband took the photograph and g caught my attention with her own submission.

SuperDad took 2 of the boys for a hike on the A.T. on Sunday afternoon. They flushed out a flock of wild turkeys when they took to the trail.

finding more proof of passing feet

Thematic Photographic is the inspiration of many and the brainchild of Carmi.  New themes are announced weekly at 7pm EST each Wednesday.

**Many thanks to my husband, SuperDad, who took the camera along and shot these photos!**

12 responses to “Thematic Photographic: Feet

  1. These are wonderful photos and so fit that theme. What a fun hike. But no jacket? Brrrrr Well done my friend 🙂

  2. These are cool shots. I love posting photos of my feet! I wonder what it is?

    You know, I have joined both Mojo’s and Carmi’s themes several times over the years. Neither of them ever come to visit me. I guess I must not be good enough. I don’t know.

  3. I was going to take a picture of my own feet in (fake) Crocs along with paw prints on the patio today – but decided to wait until the temperature is a bit more humane. -32C right now… No walks without a jacket takes place around here!

  4. i LOVE feet pictures, it has become a habit to grab anyones camera and take pictures of our feet!

  5. So much for your two feet of snow! Not to mention warm enough for shirt sleeves? Wow – we won’t get that for months yet 😦

    Lovely photos Superdad!

  6. What is warm enough weather for shirt sleeves for some (particularly my sons EB and SnakeMaster) is cold weather for the rest of us. Had I been along, I MIGHT have been wearing a sweatshirt, but only if I was too warm for a jacket.

  7. I love these shots.. particularly the track. My son never feels the cold either and he’s as skinny as a rail. Go figure. 🙂

  8. I love that top shot! Very interesting! My kids never wore jackets until it was 10 degrees out! I wear a sweatshirt below 35. I put a coat on around 10!

  9. Interesting feet pictures.

  10. Happy New Year ! We are only nine hours away now from a wonderful new and shiny year…


  11. Oooh!! Thanks for the linkie.

    I love the way the sun is dappled over the frosty snow.

  12. Oh, how I just love to hike in the snow, especially when it’s not too high. 🙂 I also seem to take a lot of photos with my feet peeking into the shot.

    Merry new year!!