Daily Archives: January 4, 2010

2009: the year that was

For the Thematic Photographic this week, Carmi asked us to reflect on our blessings from the past year.

my wonderful and healthy sons

the love of my life

Both of these photographs were taken this summer, and they both were taken at places that are also a blessing in our lives.

This photograph of my husband was taken on the Appalachian Trail. We can drive for 30 minutes, park the car, and hop on the A.T. It’s such a beautiful and peaceful place to hike.

The photograph at the top was taken of my boys on vacation in Washington state. We were on the beach with extended family on Whidbey Island. My SIL has access to a family home there that was built by her grandfather. It is a beautiful place any time of year, but it is especially wonderful to spend a hot summer weekend there with 10 cousins (9 of them boys!) and 6 other adults — wading in the water, building sandcastles on the sandbar, being cooled by the breezes, building a fire on the rocky beach at sunset.


Thematic Photographic is the inspiration of many and the brainchild of Carmi.  New themes are announced weekly at 7pm EST each Wednesday.