WWC: Red and 5

Last Sunday, after SuperDad and 2 of the boys were up on the A.T. flushing wild turkeys, I took a walk a bit closer to home.  This barn called my name:

And then, for reasons unknown to me at the time (besides the fact that I like to take pictures), I snapped this photograph:

This was more than a week ago, so I didn’t yet know that RED and 5 would be our challenge. Serendipitous, much?

Sadly, Tink has now bowed out of  hosting the Weekly Words Challenge site on facebook (this follows her bowing out of blogging earlier this year). I’m not sure who –if anyone– will keep the meme going.  You can check back here, or there, or the WWC group on Flickr.

The Weekly Words Challenge was what really got me blogging — and taking pictures again (that is, of something other than my own kids).  Thank you, Tink & OddMix (another retired blogger — the WWC was his baby first), for the fun and inspiration.  You are missed!  And I’m going to miss the WWC.

9 responses to “WWC: Red and 5

  1. LOVE that barn! It’d’ve caught my eye, too 🙂

    And the WWC will continue…I picked up the ball!

  2. I love the cone photo with the snow sadly melting around them. It’s a great capture.

  3. Isn’t Jay running it for her? I got into the WWC early in my blogging too! I need to get back to it; bring the camera back out for the little snaps of life.

    😉 Happy Tuesday – feels like Wednesday!

  4. Love those 5 red pylons.. too cute.

  5. The barn is really great. I love barns.

  6. I love it when the photos I took today are called for in tomorrow’s challenge. I don’t consider anything captured within the week before as “archived” just yet.

  7. Those pylons look orange to me LOL…just kidding Great photos. I love that barn 🙂

  8. Oh yea! Anything RECENT is still good for a challenge! I LOVE that shot of the cones! It’s… cute.

  9. Love the red barn and how serendipitous to get five cones!