Daily Archives: January 20, 2010

Random Dozen

It’s Wednesday! Time for this week’s Random Dozen, compliments of Linda over at 2nd Cup of Coffee.

1. So I was thinking about how Jon Bon Jovi never seems to age much. His hair is smaller nowadays, but he still manages to look like a boy somehow. And then that made me think of the story of Dorian Gray. Question: If you physically lock in one age for yourself, which would you choose and why?
For a youthful look and good health, I would choose to be between 28 and 29 years old. I was running back then, happily signing up for 12Ks and 5Ks. (Plantar fasciitis had not yet reared it’s stubborn head… er, feet, and osteoarthritis had not yet invaded my knee.) I could knock out the sit-ups and was working on the push-ups so that I might –just for fun!– pass the Army physical fitness test for my 30th birthday.  My husband is Active Duty, but for me it was a personal challenge.

2. What is the best dish that you cook or bake (your piece de resistance?)
My neighbor might say it is my taco soup, but I think it is the Triple Chocolate Cake.

3. When you feel blue, what is one strategy you use to help yourself back to normal?
Music is magic!

4. When was the last time you danced in public?
The last time I can recall was October 2008! My dh & I did a little swing dancing, square dancing, and the Virginia Reel.

5. Do you consider yourself a realist or dreamer?
I’m a realist, no doubt about it!

6. As a parent, what is one thing that you have done well?
I have loved and honored the father of my children.  And if that doesn’t count (and why not?! because I think it is hugely important!), then I will declare the love of books & reading. We’ve modeled this ourselves and read to the boys from the very beginning of their lives (the 10yo still loves his bedtime chapter of our current read-aloud book, The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis).

7. Which is your favorite character on the Andy Griffith show?
I’m going to confess here and now that I’ve only watched the show twice in my life!  Therefore, I plead ignorance.

8. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you know about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Wow, that is  kind of vague, no? Maybe a 7 or an 8?

9. Have you never been mellow? Have you never tried … to find a comfort from inside you? (Sorry, Jorge was singing that song just now, and it just seemed to be perfect timing as I was creating this week’s questions.) REAL question: What is your #1 driving pet peeve?
I only get to choose one?!  😉
Okay, then… erratic & unpredictable behavior.  If I am on the highway and the pavement is dry, I prefer to use cruise control, and I can’t use it if the driver in front of me is doing the slow-slow-fast-fast-fast driving polka!  (It’s also a sign of not paying attention to the job at hand… which is, after all, driving!)

10. Which color best represents your mood today? Care to elaborate?
My colors are marbled today: blue and yellow.
Yellow is for JOY: I have a precious new grand-niece in Colorado (she was born on Monday).
Blue is my favorite color, but today it stands for sadness. I’ll post about it tomorrow.

11. If your spouse were an animal, which would he/she be?
Hmmmm…. I think I will conjure him up as a panther.

12. What activity takes up the bulk of your time on an average day?
Hands down, it’s time spent on the computer. Not that I’m proud of  it, but there ya go.