Reflections in bits and pieces

So I watched the State of the Union address this morning. I know, I know — it happened nearly a week ago, but I’ve been busy. Still, I wanted to share my thoughts …

What was that, a 4 minute or 5 minute standing ovation to start the event? I bet people had sore hands by the end of that!

I was struck all over again by the fact that we have a black President. This brought tears to my eyes this morning, knowing that America has come so far from the days of slavery in this country.

For the first 5 minutes of the speech, it looked to me like Nancy Pelosi was chewing gum.

The entire roomful of people applauded hating the bank bailout. Heh.

A few minutes later, I had to wonder: What? Republicans don’t want banks to repay taxpayers for the bailout? They sat silent while Dems gave a standing O for that idea.  Ditto for cutting taxes.

$10K tax credit for 4-year university degree? I can get behind that! I have 4 kids — college tuition is scary. And improving community colleges is a step in the right direction in my book. Around here, the CC is referred to as the “University of Route 7” (which may or may not be derogatory).

Health Care Insurance Reform: “Git ‘R Done!”

But what this non-partisan voter wants to know is, how many calories did the die-hard Dems burn by their consistent motion? I lost count of the number of times they leapt to their feet to applaud President Obama’s words.  (And NO,  I’m not going t0 watch it all again just to find out!)

6 responses to “Reflections in bits and pieces

  1. Did you think Biden was drunk? I couldn’t take my eyes off him and he was clearly on something.

  2. I thought the beginning and the last 15 minutes of the SOTU was excellent. But, the biggest problem with any President’s agenda is that members of the house and especially the senate say “That’s a good idea, let me check with my corporate donors and see if they’ll let us do that.”

  3. America has come so far … and isn’ anywhere near where she could be if the collective American people thought of anything but their own wallets.

  4. i can’t ever sit through those. i read the recaps the next day and watched the daily show’s commentary on it, and that was good enough for me 😉

  5. I did NOT watch the SOU. I got sO ticked off at the republicans at the LAST one that I just decided I will NOT sit and watch them disrespect their current leader and MY current president like that! I’m a registered republican and I am ASHAMED of them! (we won’t talk about WHY I’m a registered republican…) LOL!