I’ve been running a BUNNYCAM series over on facebook.

Noon, a.k.a., hour 2 of the storm


3pm, a.k.a. hour 5 of the storm

We had 3 inches of snow at that point. Half an inch later…


Bye-bye, Bunnies!

Stay warm…


8 responses to “BUNNYCAM

  1. Poor bunnies….stay warm.

  2. Poor little frozen bunnies! You stay inside where it’s warm.

  3. ACK…that is a bunch of snow I tell ya. Hope they thaw out for Easter 🙂

  4. LOL! I think I need to put a LIFE SIZE elephant in MY front yard! I have a feeling it would be buried by morning! It is coming down HARD and FAST out there now! Sheeeeeesh! And the BLIZZARD doesn’t arrive for another hour and a half!

    I’m keepin’ you guys in my prayers! I hope we ALL keep power!

  5. I’m shivering just watching!

  6. Hare today.. gone tomorrow

  7. I’m embarassed to admit that it wasn’t until the second time that I read this that I realized that the bunnies AREN’T REAL. o_0

    I love this series of photos.