Daily Archives: February 6, 2010

BUNNYCAM update!

Stay warm under all that snow, bunnies!

11:20am on Saturday, February 6th:

26 inches and still coming down!

I shoveled for 3 hours last night, when it was only 6-8 inches deep.  I started at 6 inches and it was 8 inches by the time I finished. Then I took a long bath and 2 aspirin for my soon to be aching back.

My husband went out this morning to check our heat pump.  We don’t have a true furnace; there is an air-handler unit in the basement and a large fan outside.

Keeping the heat pumps clear, Dec 19, 2009

When SuperDad went out this morning, the heat pumps were completely encased in snow and going into defrost mode to attempt to save themselves.  They need to be kept clear so they can actually keep the air pumping and we can actually have a warm house.  Of course, having electricity helps! Our power flickered 4 times around midnight last night. I’m grateful to still have it working. THAT was not a scenario I had entertained…

My back hurts from all that shoveling, but I still love snow!