Digging out

Yeah, it sort of feels like that.

Enough already!!

14 responses to “Digging out

  1. Oh my gosh! I had no idea it was this bad. Makes me feel bad for complaining this evening at 6 p.m. that it was 60 when I was showing a condo. 🙂

  2. Wow!! That really looks bad! I guess temp´s of 110° are not that bad after all….

  3. Yes, it really was that bad! I couldn’t even muster any enthusiasm to take pictures this second time around. At least the roads are finally mostly clear and the sun is shining.

  4. Okay, the wind storm that knocked out our internet really wasn’t that big a deal. Whew!

    At least you have a good book to read! Keep warm!

  5. omg did you take all of those shots? WOW!!!

  6. It’s never enough! Never!

  7. If you, the snow lover, say it’s enough, it’s enough!

  8. Crazy. We have about 2 feet here, but nothing like that.

  9. I would just be sitting inside crying if it looked like that outside my house.

  10. Oh, my!! stunning!

  11. OMG…That’s unreal!!!!

    • Thom – it’s VERY real. Trust me.

      g – the white stuff is stunning. The dirty white stuff is just overwhelming and depressing.

      Jay – I’ve considered doing just that.

      Karen – that’s what 2-1/2 feet PLUS another foot looks like.

      Jenn – it’s enough!

      SC – can I have some of your positivity? I need it.

      Janet – yep, they’re all mine.

      Quilly – I’ve been in those windstorms. They are a big deal. After all, I *do* still have internet!

      ~annie – I’m having trouble with photographic enthusiasm myself…. really, enthusiasm of any kind.

      Betty – 110 degrees IS bad.

      Harry – 60 degrees is shorts weather!

  12. Oh my! That is a lot of snow. Put it all on trucks and send it to Vancouver will ya?

  13. Yes, what Reb said. They so need it.