Happy New Year! It’s time to build an igloo.

My friend ~P~ hosted a Chinese New Year party last night.

~P~, her father, and the feast!

Year of the Tiger

She and her father made all this delicious food and shared it with a houseful of friends and family. I was blessed to be among the guests.  ~P~ and her niece made 200 dumplings completely from scratch (I would have cheated and used store-bought wrappers, but ~P~ is an excellent cook). EVERYTHING was incredibly delicious!  Normally I would have stayed late to drink sake tea, but the teens had a youth coffeehouse over at the church, so we had to leave before the festivities were far from over.

SuperDad builds an igloo

click to enlarge photo -- tools of the trade are showcased!

SuperDad and SnakeMaster were a bit late to the party because they were working on the igloo. SD told me that while New Year comes but once a year, he’s never before had enough snow to build an igloo.

Does anyone doubt our snowfall?

A friend of mine took this screen-shot picture off a co-worker’s computer (thanks to the magic of facebook, I can share it with you):

We live under that bubble.

And HEY!! We could get another 4-8 inches tomorrow night… because what’s another half-foot of snow when you’ve already had 3.5 feet of the stuff in the past 10 days?  The kids have only been to school 2 days this month, and Tuesday is beginning to look “iffy.”

But enough about snow…

My husband performed at last night’s coffeehouse by singing Marty Robbins’ song “El Paso” and having 4 volunteers act it out while he sang. None of the “actors” had ever heard the song before, so it was pretty funny. I’m not sure that the guy who actually runs the coffeehouse cared for it, but at least some of the audience thought it was hysterical.  I’m still kicking myself for forgetting my camera because I would have definitely put that video up on youtube.

So how was your weekend? 🙂

11 responses to “Happy New Year! It’s time to build an igloo.

  1. Snakemaster definitely knows how to prioritize! 🙂

  2. We love the winter storm impact. You know we’re headed for Massachusetts, so do us a favor and don’t hasten that thaw too quickly.

    Amoeba says if you are worried about your kid’s schooling you should take them to Hawaii where weather seldom ever closes school. However, the governor closed school every other Friday all year long to lower the budget. Yes, she cut the school year, but Hawaii has no mandatory term lengths.

  3. That table full of food looks delicious!

    When I was in 4th grade we got record amounts of snow and I remember us building some tunnels through the drifts. Never build an igloo though. Very cool.

  4. What a feast. Looks just wonderful. The igloo is something else I tell ya. And what a star your husband is LOL. I would have love to have seen that. Sounds like a perfect day into the evening 🙂

  5. can’t wait to see the completed igloo 😉 I am jealous of your New Years dinner. The snow bubble that tells ppl to buy liquor looks amazingly like a bottle opener – yeah the old fashioned kind.

  6. I think super Dad is having so much fun building the igloo. Looks cool!
    And all that food!! Wow, your friend must have cooked for a week!

  7. Love the igloo and all that food! WOW

  8. I would have loved to have been at that party! The food looks divine!

    And I am now going in search of that picture. Hilarious!!

  9. i am SO JEALOUS that my dad never built us an igloo!!

    (granted, we probably never had this much snow, but…)

  10. That igloo is SO cool!!!