Why dragons have wings

As I have just learned from Thom and Quilly, our beloved blogging pastor, Dr. John, passed from this world to the next today.  John Linna loved his wife Betty, his family, his Jesus, trains and dragons.

If for no other reason, I think that dragons have wings so that they could carry Dr. John from Wisconsin to Heaven this morning.

Rest in peace, Dr. John — in the arms of Jesus, where breathing is no longer difficult for you.  I will miss you here.

8 responses to “Why dragons have wings

  1. This is beautiful. You just made me cry. Again. I am so happy Dr. John is with Jesus, but I am also terribly sad that he is no longer with us.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful tribute. The tears were again present. This is just wonderful. He will be greatly missed by us all but will be forever with us in our hearts.

  3. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend.

  4. what a beautiful entry. i’m sorry for your loss.. hugs

  5. :hugs: I am sorry for your loss.

  6. What a wonderfully sweet sentiment to the passing of your friend. Thoughts are with you from all over….

  7. What a beautiful post about your Pastor! He’s whole and healthy again where he is now, isn’t he.

  8. I am SO hoping there ARE dragons in Heaven – and I hope he was given a Golden Dragon to ride! He always wanted to ride a dragon…

    I am SO happy that he is out of his misery. He was such a good sport! He really did not complain – he always felt blessed to be alive! He LOVED life and he really did not complain… but he HATED having COPD… it just totally stopped him in his tracks! But God had a plan! EVEN with Dr. John’s COPD… had he not had it, we would have never known him. And THEN I would be really sad! So I thank God, for using his COPD to bring him to me… and I thank Him that I had a few short years to know and love him. And I thank God that He did not let him linger on and on and on… cuz you know… NOW he feels like DANCING!