Daily Archives: February 17, 2010

What is it Wednesday (and an igloo update)

Last week I posted this picture

and asked what you thought it might be.

Here is the complete view:

Bundled cinnamon sticks on my kitchen window sill

Many of you guessed that it might be twine, but only Cheri guessed the complete package:  “Twine around a cinnamon stick? LOL!”

And do you see the white stuff in the background on the upper right?  That was a bit of snow on our yard back in early January, the remains of our December 19-20, 2009 “snow event.”

It’s been one week since SNOWMAGGEDON, Part II happened here. This is what it looks like outside my house this morning:

One Week Later (note the igloo in the background!)

Waiting for the school bus

It’s been 2 weeks since we last had garbage and recycling picked up. I’m hoping the trucks come today as scheduled.  (Yes, that is 2 solid inches of compact snow and ice on the end of the driveway, but since the shiny stuff is ice, I figure it is safer to leave it as a buffer than have a sheet of black ice each morning right where the kids stand.)

All that snow had to be shoveled somewhere…

…and with our temperatures still in the 30’s, it won’t be going anywhere for a while.

IGLOO update!

The completed igloo

SuperDad worked really hard on his igoo. Unfortunately, the blocks were no longer holding together by the end — he’d make a block of snow and it would fall apart. About this time he decided that if the Eskimos had known about thatched roofs, they would have used them!  SnakeMaster assures me that it is warm inside!
This picture was taken when it started snowing again on Monday. Luckily, that snow turned out to be “just a skiff” and the kids are back in school, albeit on a one-hour delay all week.