Daily Archives: February 26, 2010

February feelings

Hard to believe, but February is nearly over (mostly it’s hard to believe because we are so very far from Spring).  This week felt especially long… probably because it was the only week this month that the kids were at school for the entire scheduled school day ALL 5 DAYS!  Yes, it has been quite the month here.

I was awake most of the night, thanks to the wind. The steady winds of 25-35mph weren’t so bad, but those wind gusts over 50mph caused some rather loud noises and conveyed thoughts of losing power.   It’s the same storm that’s walloping New England and that wind is bitterly cold.

As I was picking up H-J from his “rehearsathon” on Tuesday night, his flute case popped open and all 3 sections of flute fell on the pavement. The good news is, the bent end of the mouthpiece was an inexpensive repair (only $25)… the bad news is, I have to drive in this wind storm to pick up his repaired instrument and it will take about 2 hours to complete this errand.

The newsletter has been proof-read and is being printed this morning. After the small group of us fold, seal, and label nearly 300 of them, we’ll be off to the Post Office (an adventure in itself — the rules have changed in the past 5 months and every month brings a new discussion with the Postmaster). THEN I can have a little free time again!

It might be my lack of sleep and my desire for a long nap, but this video made me laugh this morning.