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February in review

Dear Ringtone spammer,

I’m glad you think I am nice; however, do not mistake nice for gullible.  I will not be personal messaging you or visiting your website.


Smarter than you think


Apparently this blog is looked at daily as a source for the Aflac duck.

Folks have also visited here in search of the bog monster:

multitasking cartoons (got that here) and a normal family.

I often wonder if people find what they are looking for, although I doubt that one particular individual found “some tragedies dr seuss went threw.”  Dude, use your spell-check or join this group:

It’s Complicated

love hate love hate love hate snowplows.

It’s complicated.

Without the snowplows, our road looked like this:

And while I love the beauty of the snow, we were running low on milk being snowed in gets really old after more than 3 or 4 days, so I was truly glad to see the arrival of the first snowplows.

About a week after the first snowplows — the ones that made it possible for us to be free once again — this machine made it’s way through my neighborhood:

It’s one of the big guns from the  Department of Transportation.

Gone is the compact snow and ice, but the road itself has been gouged by the heavy machinery.
Scars remain on and off the road.

scarred pavement

The damage from the snow and ice met the work of the heavy equipment on parts of our road. I doubt there will be any money available to fix these problems for quite some time.  The county and the state had budget troubles before our winter of historical storms.

Sometimes the plows scrape more than just the road. Plenty of people will have yard repair work this Spring.  This clump of sod probably came from a neighbor’s yard.

Got Mail?

And sometimes the plow doesn’t come close to the edge of the road at all — good for the preservation of their lawn, but it clearly was a determent for the mail carrier.  I was impressed by the resourcefulness of these residents.

Our snow is slowly melting away. The gritty, gray mess on the edge of the roadways is ugly to look at, but the slow melt is preferred over worries of flooding.

And when the snow has finally melted, I do hope for a cleansing rain.