February in review

Dear Ringtone spammer,

I’m glad you think I am nice; however, do not mistake nice for gullible.  I will not be personal messaging you or visiting your website.


Smarter than you think


Apparently this blog is looked at daily as a source for the Aflac duck.

Folks have also visited here in search of the bog monster:

multitasking cartoons (got that here) and a normal family.

I often wonder if people find what they are looking for, although I doubt that one particular individual found “some tragedies dr seuss went threw.”  Dude, use your spell-check or join this group:

10 responses to “February in review

  1. Yes… SPAM is getting left on a daily basis on my blog too. I would turn off my anonymous comments — but then Quilly can’t get in…. and so I just keep deleting. I really dislike that they have that power though!

  2. I got several hits from Russia today. Everyone searching for that Russian curling chick. But none of them left comments. So rude! LOL

  3. Weird is the right word for it! At one time I had a slew of hits from Malaysia, but I could never figure out how they ended up on my blog.

  4. I love WordPress. They have the best spam filter on the market. Akismet. Free. Lalalalala.

  5. Hey — you have WordPress! That means you are like me and you read the stuff in your spam filter! LOL!

  6. Word Press Rocks!!!!

  7. the searches coming to my blog have been SO BORING recently! although today i got “im 11 and i am hopeless at handwriting,” which is… random. the only one not related to alice in wonderland or peeing! new record!

  8. I’ve always liked that t-shirt!!!