My kids are going hungry this weekend…

…because many children throughout the world are going hungry every day.

Our youth group is participating in the 30-hour Famine this weekend to get a taste of what true hunger feels like and to raise money for help alleviate world hunger.

7 responses to “My kids are going hungry this weekend…

  1. That’s really admirable… I didn’t know in time, and may not have made it through 30 hours, but I might like to try that next time.

  2. What a GREAT idea! I love World Vision! My child is through Compassion — but both organizations do WONDERFUL work! God bless your boys – and their team – and their efforts!

  3. I have attended two different churches where the kids have done this. They all say it has a profound impact on how they feel about the hardships in their life (not so bad after all). The kids at Harris were moved enough to follow the famine up with a “no gift” Christmas and asked their friends and relatives to donate whatever money they would have spent buying farm animals for third world countries.

  4. This is something I’d like to promote among our students! I’m at a slow burn every day I see students skip lunch at school because the food served doesn’t agree with their sensitive palates.

  5. I’ll be anxious so see how this goes. What a great thing to do I think 🙂

  6. Wonderful idea. I hope you’ll post an update to let us know how it goes. Good for you and yours.