Daily Archives: April 5, 2010

I’m back!


That’s “Back to Blogging” for those who can’t read my mind (can anyone read my mind?) — as opposed to K2A which is my annual Girls Gone Mild weekend. But that event is still 6 weeks away.

This photo collage (click on it to enlarge) is from the family Easter egg hunt yesterday — it was easier to go through 90 pictures of Easter (half of them taken at church) than the 314 pictures I uploaded on Saturday.

Yes, I’m still working on pictures from our trip last week.  Some of the fuzzy-focus pics still need to be weeded outyou try taking pictures from a bobbing boat! — and for some reason the whole lot didn’t load onto the computer in proper order which is making the sorting more complicated.

Thanks to Spring Break, I’m terribly behind in reading blogs. I try to actually visit each blog and read posts there, but if I’m going to catch up and not just jump in where I find you, I might be using a feed reader. As a committed commenter, it’s going to be difficult to just read and run, but I may have to resort to that tactic. I’ve also been off facebook for about 7 weeks or more, but I probably won’t even try to catch up there for a while.
The bunny told me it’s okay to use the slow approach — or maybe it was the turtle who said that?