Signs of Spring

There are a few ways to know that Spring has truly sprung.

Some people go for the obvious:

But these are what truly tell me it is Spring:

Clockwise from top left: bleeding heart, budding trees, tulips, blooming clover, the unfurling of hosta, dandelions and onion grass

Yes, onion grass and dandelions! The onion grass shows itself here as Winter is ending, but it is really, truly Spring when the dandelions spread their sunny cheer everywhere.
If you need to find me this morning, I’ll be outside digging them out of the lawn.


9 responses to “Signs of Spring

  1. I’ll send Emma over and she can help you pick them. I have several dandelion bouquets around the house right now. 🙂

  2. ahhh…I always looked forward to the violets in the yard of the old house. Funny to think this year I won’t see them! I’ll have to find another place, I’m sure they’ll bloom around here! And I ❤ dandelions…such cheerful lil beauties!

  3. Dandelions – and here it’s wild mustard that says its spring!

  4. my dad used to get SO MAD at me for picking dandelions and blowing the seeds all over the yard… hee…

  5. The neighbor’s son came and picked our dandelions the other day. His dad tried to hustle him out of our yard but I told him the child was doing us a service and leave him be!

  6. Dandelions are so pretty. I wish they would grow elsewhere besides a lawn. Great photos 🙂

  7. I bet I’m the only person on the planet that can’t grow bleeding hearts! I’ve tried. I kill ’em! I’ll enjoy yours! I CAN grow dandelions!

  8. Dandelions – bah! They are all that seem to grow in my back yard!

  9. Pretty photos, KC. I must never, NEVER let Benny see me digging out weeds. He gets gardening madness and starts ripping everything out. He’s a crazy dog. 🙂