Some HOA by-laws consider this illegal


12 responses to “Some HOA by-laws consider this illegal

  1. illegal to hang clothes!?
    or to hang them upside down?

    I love the smell and feel of clothes that dry in the air

    thanks for visiting my dancer post 🙂

  2. What a beautiful sight! How could they?!

  3. Ain’t it the truth?! Some do! I LOVE clothes hung out on the line. I had one until lightning took my tree. 😦 I think that is a HAPPY sight!

  4. Where is your Adam Lambert t-shirt? 😉

  5. Happy memories from my childhood include sleeping in sheets fresh from the clothes line, and the scent of my t-shirts when I pull them from the drawer and put them on. No drier can recreate that.

  6. I can’t wait to hang things out on my clothesline again, but right now I’m afraid they would all be covered in yellow pollen like our patio table and chairs are. Have enough allergy issues without having pollen embedded in my bedsheets, too!

  7. HOAs are horrible. I know they want to protect property values but they almost always turn into Nazis who want to come by and measure your grass once a week and go completely bonkers if you try to do something they don’t like to your own home.

  8. So does my mother. She used to say my clothesline reminded her of tobacco road.

    I am not a fan of HOAs. I don’t want anyone telling me when to take my Christmas wreath down.

  9. I’m fairly confident that my HOA (strangely, we do have one) does not have a rule against laundry lines. I’d ignore that silly law if it did! Only a small stretch of the line –the part pictured– can be seen from the road. I try to keep the boxers hidden from view. 😛

  10. You mean people still hang clothes out on the line besides us? LOL Love it. HOA are way to picky

  11. Up until about 2 years ago, it was illegal here too. Thankfully that’s no longer so.

  12. Does HOA have something to do with the army, or…
    I had a neighbour complain about my clothes line last summer – she didn’t mind though when she could hang her wet towel and bikini on it, though…