Assessing the Damage

The winter storms were hard on some of our plants and trees. My husband is concerned about this tree (bottom photo, above) that separates our yard from a neighbor who keeps a junk pile going in view at all times.
I confess to being sad about the smashed lavender and freeze-dried rhododendron.  There’s little doubt that the rhodie is over and done for, but I hope someone can help me save the lavender.
Still, it could have been so much worse –after all, we aren’t having to replace our roof –so I’m filing this under  “Thankful Thursday.”

Any suggestions or experience with plants?

9 responses to “Assessing the Damage

  1. I have a tree or two that are making me worried after they were covered in heavy snow for so long.

  2. You sure got hit hard. I’m sorry to see the damage like that. I hope you don’t have to lose any of it…

  3. Yeah, that big tree might not make it. That would suck. But, like you said. It could have been much worse.

  4. From here, your lavender looks better than mine. I’ve discovered (by trial and error) that new growth comes from the tips of the plant. Pruning, as I would a bush, left me with woody stems and a more unsightly plant since my lavender doesn’t produce new growth from the old wood.

  5. Well I’m sorry to hear about the tree but as you said it could have been worse. And more costly 🙂

  6. oof, poor plants :-\ my parents lost several HUGE branches off of trees, and their neighbors lost an entire tree (and the fence it took down with it). rough winter indeed!

  7. I have experience with plants, but not with snow damage! Good luck. Bummer about the junk pile.

  8. I am still trying to save my Clematis!

  9. We have a neighbor a few doors down who lost about 2 dozen pine trees to the storms. They are pitiful!

    WE lost my brand new (last year) crepe myrtle… but she was guaranteed for a year… so should be replaced! I’m going to check on that today!