Daily Archives: April 9, 2010

Playing catch-up: a Friday 5

By being all smart and time-conscious, I took a little time on Monday to write and schedule my posts for this week… and then discovered that I was missing out on some fun things!
So today I will stop and give you a Friday 5:

1. My umbrella (which was all the rage to discuss and view on Monday)

Irises, by Vincent Van Gogh

2. Although we spent the night with thunderstorms rolling through the area, it has mostly been a warm and sunny week — so warm that we sleep with the windows open. I absolutely love the fresh 2am breezes blowing through the room.  However, my week of headaches, nausea and dizziness that has magically disappeared this morning may be related to all of the pollen and allergens that were highly present until washed away last night. (I woke up feeling great today!)

3. We have a mockingbird with insomnia. I was in giggling hysterics the other night during its midnight concerto, which typically lasts about 2 hours.  Hey, it’s either laugh or cry — that bird is LOUD. I was tired enough to fall asleep before the end of its repertoire. We’ve been known to be kept awake during the entire concert then fade off to sleep…  only to be awoken by normal birds singing in the dawn.  Still, I’m grateful: we once had a resident mockingbird that had spent time under the tutelage of a car alarm.

4. The stinkbugs have decided that the weather is pleasant enough outside to leave the warmth and safety of our house — or at least their hiding places. I thought last fall was bad, but we are sending them to Davy Jones’ locker by the dozens this week.

5. Five pictures from our trip to NYC

the show we saw

(click on photographs to enlarge)
Yes, I know I need to write a post about the trip!