Daily Archives: April 21, 2010

Sweet karma or guilty pleasure?

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Or not. Go ahead and click that link to get the back story, because you kind of need it to appreciate these pictures:

This post, this parking spot

Above: town hall in June of 2008
Below: town hall in April of 2010

different bag of garbage, same spot, new posts & roof, plus REPLACEMENT post

I laugh every time I’ve driven by town hall since our big snowstorms in February.  They made such a big deal out of my bumping their post (I definitely wasn’t the first to do so) and I’m pretty sure it was a town snowplow, driven by the same guy who hoisted up the roof with a front loader , that took out their pretty new post.  The one my insurance company paid for.

Karma is sweet sometimes. It might be a guilty pleasure, but I am enjoying the fact that it’s not just me who has trouble managing that turn.   (I’ve never gone back.  I spend the extra 44-cents on a stamp to pay my water bill and avoid the chance of hitting that darn post again!)