Sweet karma or guilty pleasure?

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Or not. Go ahead and click that link to get the back story, because you kind of need it to appreciate these pictures:

This post, this parking spot

Above: town hall in June of 2008
Below: town hall in April of 2010

different bag of garbage, same spot, new posts & roof, plus REPLACEMENT post

I laugh every time I’ve driven by town hall since our big snowstorms in February.  They made such a big deal out of my bumping their post (I definitely wasn’t the first to do so) and I’m pretty sure it was a town snowplow, driven by the same guy who hoisted up the roof with a front loader , that took out their pretty new post.  The one my insurance company paid for.

Karma is sweet sometimes. It might be a guilty pleasure, but I am enjoying the fact that it’s not just me who has trouble managing that turn.   (I’ve never gone back.  I spend the extra 44-cents on a stamp to pay my water bill and avoid the chance of hitting that darn post again!)

11 responses to “Sweet karma or guilty pleasure?

  1. How sweet it is! 🙂 I agree!

  2. I knew exactly what you were talking about. Too funny!

  3. Go back and take out the other two. LOL 😉

  4. LOL! I love it when the world is fair. It happens so infrequently.

  5. LOL.. the next building down looks like it’s in as bad shape as this was two years ago. Why not take a drive past… 😉

  6. Haha….

    I can’t believe they are still putting trash in the same spot! Why not get a trash can? It would look better.

  7. I also knew right away what you were talking about…

  8. LOL…how funny. 🙂

  9. ROFL! Sweeeeeeeet! Just desserts? Could be!

  10. I don’t know…in the dark of night? Tempting.

  11. Hehe thanks for that giggle.