Extra-Thankful Thursday

The Good Samaritan

I’m not a mommy blogger, but I am a mother and I do blog about my kids (among other things). I try to respect their desires and their personal lives, as Minnesota Matron recently wrote about, but our lives are bound together and sometimes my story and their stories intertwine.

It was a dark and stormy rainy night. I was working late at the computer when the telephone rang, the sudden noise jolting me out of my Publisher-induced grogginess.

“Mom?” queried the shaky voice of my oldest son. “I’ve got something to tell you. This isn’t going to be easy….” He paused and took a deep breath, then proceeded to tell me where he had been driving, how the car went off the road, and most importantly, that he was okay.

The car, however, was not okay; it was “all the way off the road” as my son worded it. Silly me, I only thought how glad I was that it wasn’t half-on the road where someone might possibly come along and smack into it — and him.  I assured him I was on my way, grabbed my purse and my keys, and headed out to find him.


I had already been working on this post before I read Mrs. G’s post over at The Women’s Colony on Monday, before I knew about the horrific help-less tragedy in NYC.

When I viewed this video (be sure to turn on your speakers), I was shocked and appalled.  Mr. Tale-Yax was a “Good Samaritan” and yet no one came to his aid as he lay dying on a city sidewalk, not even the woman whom he rescued.


My son was the recipient of a “Good Samaritan” during the wee hours of Sunday morning. He had crashed his car into the woods (it’s totaled) on a dark, winding country road. A man and his wife were driving in the opposite direction a few minutes later and noted the reflection of their headlights off a side reflector in the woods. They stopped, called for help, and stayed long after I arrived. They stayed until the state trooper arrived and had talked to him.

Thankfully, my son is fine — he walked away with minor scratches. The person who stopped to help happened to be an off-duty officer returning home after a date with his wife. She was tired, but he chose to stay with us (she took a nap). One other driver stopped and offered help. Two others drove by slowly and asked if we were okay (the Good Samaritan and I both had stopped our cars on the road, as there was no shoulder to pull off onto). It was a rainy night and they rolled their windows down to ask, instead of just creeping on past.

When I saw the car in the woods, it was very dark. I could see the freshly scarred tree that he had firmly scraped alongside and the much bigger tree that he didn’t hit, but I couldn’t really see much else. I went back 60 hours later to survey the scene.

Accident scene, 60 hours later

It was a close call. I’m pretty sure he thought his life was over. Instead, he walked away with minor injuries — very minor. But it was a major incident. He has a court summons for one month from now. His story, like his life,  is not yet over.

And because he is my son, because I am the one who took the call and stood in the rain at the edge of a dark, rainy highway — because I am the one who signed the car over to a recycling/junk agency — his story has become mine as well.

There are good people in the world. I met some of them in the dark on Sunday morning. And sometimes we call those people “Good Samaritans.”

16 responses to “Extra-Thankful Thursday

  1. Oh wow – thank goodness for Good Samaritans – but most of all

    my gratitude to the universe that your son is still with you..


  2. OMG I’m so glad that your son is okay. I’m so glad that the Good Samaritans were going by right then. That is just wonderful. And thank goodness that everything came out okay. Well except that car but that’s replaceable. Another thing I totally love about this post is you didn’t display any anger. Maybe that might be another tale but I’m just certainly glad everything is okay. I’ve seen that video. It disgusts me the way some people can be. Much aloha to you and your family my friend 🙂

  3. That is so scary! What a show of God´s protection! I´m so glad your son is ok. The car can always be replaced. And it´s so good to hear that there are still Good Samaritans out there.

  4. I’m so glad your son was not seriously injured! Blessings upon the people who stopped to help.

  5. Omg. I am so glad that he is ok. That is a major accident. I am not sure if I would stop late at night if I was alone. But I would call 911 and report what I saw.

  6. So glad to hear your son is okay!
    The story about the Good Samaritan in New York dying while people walked around him made the news here in Canada in a big way.
    How lucky for your son that not everyone responds the same way. I choose firmly (and perhaps foolishly) to believe that most people would stop and help!

  7. I, too, am SO GLAD to hear that your son walked away from that accident!

  8. I’m so glad he’s okay. That car is every parent’s nightmare.

    As the mom of teenagers I am sure there are some other emotions outside of relief that are tied up in this story.

  9. Mmmmmmmaaaaaannn… *sigh*… I’m so sorry. His looks just as bad as Derek’s did. We got our call from my daughter… the next day. Your story will go easier than ours did though… Derek was arrested for DRUNK driving! Fortunately he only did battle with a telephone pole and no one was hurt. Derek was also EXTREMELY blessed to come out of it alive – and amazingly only minor injuries… But the good news is… he’s learned.

    Always be thankful if the phone call comes from the child. When you hear their voice, you KNOW they’re okay…

    … mmmmmaaaaaannnnn I am sO sorry… 😦

  10. A car is only so much metal, plastic and what-nots and can be replaced.
    I am so glad your son walked away from that with only minor injuries.

  11. oh my gosh, i broke out in goosebumps when i saw the pictures of the car. THANK GOODNESS he is ok. and i am so happy for you both that there are still good samaritans around.

  12. OMG! I’ve been so tied up and worked up and worked over time in my own life with the kids, their school, etc that I haven’t had time but for a sneak read here and there of a blog post!

    When my children begin driving, my doctor will have to put me on something serious for those days and nights.

    Even if they are at their best, there is still so much out there — D@nger…. And, they are so young!

    But, we have to let them go out on their own, grown and live, experience, learn.

    Your boys are so wonderful. I am so glad he is safe and sound. The car? The $$$$? PBLFT!

    The BOY? Irreplaceable. Again, soooo glad he is well and with you and thus with all of us….

  13. Oh KC, I’m so glad your boy is ok. You and he must have been so scared. And you must be so thankful that this couple stayed with him until after you arrived. Hugs to you, my friend. I’m so, SO glad he’s ok.

  14. I just said a prayer of thanks for your son’s life, and for the people who stopped to help. I also said a prayer for the people who didn’t stop to help Mr. Tale-Yax.

  15. oh my gosh, I’m just relieved he’s ok!

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