Daily Archives: May 3, 2010

Out of my mind … back soon!

We are in the final 6-week stretch of school, and things are ramping up to the insanely busy level. AP exams are this week and next so I will be shuttling kids to school early, plus all of the other activities scheduled this week.  Oh, and I get to pick my husband up at the airport at suppertime on Tuesday. I’m pretty sure this is at the same time as a band concert, but at least it doesn’t conflict with the Cinco de Mayo blood drive or the silent auction/dinner…
My Google calendar makes me dizzy to look at, but at least it gives me pop-ups to remind me of what is happening next! If only I was home long enough to see them, I could accomplish a few other tasks, too.

I’ve got a post scheduled for tomorrow but I don’t know if  I’ll be back around again this week.

Mellow Musical Monday


I sing with a fantastic group of people at my church. We lead the worship music one Sunday a month and rehearse on the other Sundays.  Although we do sing and play a variety of music, the group had its beginning in bluegrass gospel tunes. Four-part harmony can become 5 or 6 parts without really trying. There are 5 guitarists, but some of them change over to bass and mandolin. I would bake cookies weekly for a fiddle player!

Musical Monday is all about making friends and sharing the music that we love. The more the merrier! Diane at Good Mourning, Glory! is the official host of  Musical Monday, but I found out about it via Thom.