Out of my mind … back soon!

We are in the final 6-week stretch of school, and things are ramping up to the insanely busy level. AP exams are this week and next so I will be shuttling kids to school early, plus all of the other activities scheduled this week.  Oh, and I get to pick my husband up at the airport at suppertime on Tuesday. I’m pretty sure this is at the same time as a band concert, but at least it doesn’t conflict with the Cinco de Mayo blood drive or the silent auction/dinner…
My Google calendar makes me dizzy to look at, but at least it gives me pop-ups to remind me of what is happening next! If only I was home long enough to see them, I could accomplish a few other tasks, too.

I’ve got a post scheduled for tomorrow but I don’t know if  I’ll be back around again this week.


6 responses to “Out of my mind … back soon!

  1. I guess it’s better than just sitting around bored with nothing going on? See, I’m always looking on the bright side of things. 😉

  2. You need to get a job so you’ll have a little time to relax! LOL! We’ll see you when exhaustion sets in and you have to rest.

  3. I totally understand! LOL! (totally!) And Jay has the right idea! I keep reminding mySELF of that too!

  4. We’re in the same boat, you and I. 6 weeks until this carousel slows down – a bit!

  5. Well keeping busy keeps ya outta trouble 🙂

  6. Don´t forget to breathe…. 🙂