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Musical Monday: Seldom Scene

It’s been a busy month. Yes, I know it is only May 10th! But it’s been a busy month and only getting busier. I’ve stopped counting meetings, appointments, and responsibilities and now I’m just trying to make sure I don’t drop any of the proverbial balls.

Last week, on Thursday evening, was the annual silent auction for the Band Parent Association. We had great food, wonderful dinner music (the orchestra played), fantastic dancing music (the jazz band played), and of course there was the silent auction. I saw tickets for a bluegrass concert and made my bid.  My husband was a sweetheart; he saw that I had been outbid near the end and put in a higher winning bid for me. ♥  This from a man who doesn’t especially enjoy bluegrass. And then he promised to attend the concert with me the very next night!

So on Friday night, we were at the concert (some of the youngest people there, LOL) and this band was incredible! When I finally get my iPod, I’m buying a bunch of their songs.

[Side note to people on eBay: please stop outbidding me!
I want an iPod

This video includes a couple of bozos who aren’t a part of the band, but they are hilarious… and a little disturbing.

Musical Monday is brought to us by Diane at Good Morning, Glory.