Fun Monday: Shoes


Meet me at the X

I’m not a shoe person. I wear shoes because they are practical and often required.

I prefer life more like this:

Now THAT would be a fun Monday! 😀

13 responses to “Fun Monday: Shoes

  1. I wish I was barefoot on the beach too!

  2. i totally agree!!!! what a perfect way to start off a week!

  3. I only need three pairs of shoes. Black, brown “dress” shoes and cross trainers. I’m not complicated. haha

  4. 30 days until barefoot on the beach–hurry up, summer!

  5. Well…. I would go for a WHITE sand beach! But yea… that would CERTAINLY meet with Feet’s approval!

  6. LOL I love it. That’s the way I prefer as well 🙂 Thanks for playing. There is something wrong with the Mr. Linky. I can’t get to the site to see what’s going on so it must be with them. Have a great day 🙂

  7. Yeah, that is the best kind of shoe, for sure! And so good for the whole body too…. 🙂

  8. Mr. Linky is now working if you want to go and link this post 🙂

  9. There is only one place I prefer to be bare footed and that is the beach! LOL

  10. I am so not a sand person…I much prefer shoes!!

  11. I prefer it this way too! I know my feet do.

  12. Nice.. and is that a little Hershey’s kiss off to the right of that sandy foot?

  13. Sand was my shoe wear for awhile when camping — but only one foot!