Be Different — Ride a Donkey!

Be Different -- Ride a Donkey!

Saturday was Heritage Day in a nearby town. I convinced SnakeMaster to join me on some errands and rewarded him by this time spent with “Gus” the Mammoth Donkey. SM then asked if we could get a donkey.

people, goats, agileCome to think of it, people are a lot like donkeys: sometimes sweet and often stubborn.

And yes, we did see goats… and sheep… and sheep being sheared… and after petting various animals, SnakeMaster had a chocolate brownie with chocolate icing sold to us by roaming girl scouts.  And then he pet some more animals.
We are so very sanitary.

I’m getting ready to head out of town for the remainder of the week, so I’m trying to take care of various bits of housekeeping.

Those 2 orange pots in the back row on the left? Same kind of tomato plants, seedlings purchased at same place on same day. Obviously, something is wrong with the one on the left. I should probably take it back, but I’m not sure I want to deal with the hassle.

I’ve got the same problem with a package of cheese: the date is good, the package is unopened, and it has been stored in the fridge drawer with the other cheeses, but it still managed to grow mold. I know, Eeeewww! And unlike Suburban Correspondent, I can’t even manage to make a fridge post out of the mess.


7 responses to “Be Different — Ride a Donkey!

  1. I was thinking there are a lot of jackass people around LOL How fun. Have a good trip. I’d take that cheese back to the store myself 🙂

  2. and did you tell him “of course we can get a donkey!…” followed by some ludicrous thing that we would have to get rid of before getting the donkey…my dad was really good at that!

  3. Donkeys… they were good enough for Jesus.

    I have squash plants behaving JUST like your tomato! I bought all four of them at the same time! 3 are doing great. One is waaaaaaaay behind! And I have a pepper plant that is way behind all the other peppers too! CRAZY!

  4. A great idea. What a wonderful photo.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

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  6. Don’t you worry about that moldy cheese. Because I am 1) cheap and 2) afraid of the eternal consequences of throwing anything away that might could be used for something and 3) cheap, I had moldy leftover spaghetti for dinner on Saturday. I just scooped out the little piece of mold, threw it in the microwave and crossed my fingers.