Busy week Friday 5

As suggested by the title, here are 5 Fabulous things about the past week of my life:

1. The 4th Annual Girls Gone Mild weekend: 3 nights, 2 friends, 1 bottle of wine (okay, maybe there was more than one bottle…) And yes, it did rain quite a bit. The tradition continues!

2. Wyder’s Raspberry Cider (it’s even better on a hot summer day)

3. The view from the plane somewhere over Nevada (??)

Sometimes I forget how much I miss snow-capped mountains. Silly me.

4. The result of yesterday’s traffic court appearance for MM: a guilty plea to a lessened charge of “improper driving” and a fine of $125 (plus court costs, for a total of $186).  He knows well the meaning of mercy. And thankfulness.

PDQ Bach and MusicMan

5. Last night’s band concert. It was MusicMan’s final concert as a high school student. Here he is, looking fabulous in his tuxedo and posing with PDQ Bach after the concert.  –>

I have a video of the two of them presenting a PDQ Bach composition, but the video is 15 minutes in length and I couldn’t upload it here… which is unfortunate, because like all PDQ Bach pieces, it was a riot! 😀

6 responses to “Busy week Friday 5

  1. MM looks really handsome in his tux. I´m glad he “got off” easy with his ticket.

  2. I suspect MM has learnt an important lesson – and boy he is handsome in his tux!

  3. It sounds like he got really lucky–and he does look like a man in that tux!

  4. Thank goodness for mercy; or was it Goodness and Mercy. 😉

    One out of high school already!!??

  5. I am glad the court was lenient. I do belief your young man learned a valuable lesson without having to pay huge fines as well.

    I would love to watch that video. Too bad it won’t load!

  6. Glad to hear that he got off easier than could be. PDQ Bach is hilarious.. I’m thinking “The Unbegun Symphony.”