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More Summer Nights

If you were a 10-year-old boy, wouldn’t you love to sleep here?

Of course you would!

Note to Grandma: he has never fallen out of the tree!

Summer Nights

Our days are hot and muggy (quite possibly hell on earth) but the nights bring some relief* with the darkness.

*except for the mosquitoes. They LOVE me. I took Benedryl to sleep last night through the itching.

Summer nights also bring out Toads

And is there anything more lovely than fireflies twinkling like Christmas lights in the trees and shrubs?
If only I had a camera that could actually capture such beauty!

But wait! What is this?

hiding in the rhododendron bush

In SnakeMaster’s eyes, there is something lovely here…

Black Snake at night

click to enlarge and enjoy the eye contact 🙂

Touching, isn’t it? 😉

Weekend in Review

Sending off teenagers for a week-long mission trip
(gah!! pictures by mom!!)

Visiting cousins = weekend play-date

Burning brush to make coals for S’Mores…

I love my fire pit!


…and a few early fireworks.


Friday Five in Photographs plus a Weekend Reflection

1. Father’s Day evening spent at a friend’s backyard patio and pool .  Grandpa (SuperDad’s father) was taking a Father’s Day phone call from his youngest daughter.

Weekend Reflection

2. I was outside photographing the flora and fauna (mostly bees in the lavender) when I shot this pic of SM and Grandma reading side-by-side on the loveseat and managed to capture the reflection of the yellow rose in the window.

flanked by family

3. I am a little surprised at how wonderful Graduation really was… as a first-time mom of a grad, I was unprepared for the amount of pride and joy involved in this event.  We were also unprepared for the crowds and the heat. The ceremony started at 9am, but by 11am when it ended, the temperature had reached 90 degrees.

relaxing during 2010 graduation

EB's feet

4. Due to the fact there were 537 seniors graduating –and each of them were given 8 tickets for family members — the bleachers (hot! hot!) were filled to overflowing and we ended up sitting happily in the shade. We couldn’t see much, but the loudspeakers worked very well and we were comfortable.

5 of the 27

5. My 3 oldest sons (H-J and EB in photo above — yes, my boys wear shorts, sneakers and sandals to church) are 3 of 23 teens going with 4 chaperones to a Native American community in South Dakota for a week. They leave in the morning and will be working in a kids’ program and also helping with home repairs.

Cooling off

I am thankful for a friend who often shares her pool with us. Our heat indexes this week are over 100° Fahrenheit.

Photo taken by SuperDad’s mother. I think I’m going to write down all the info and ask for a camera like hers for Christmas!

Busy as a Bee

One of many bees taking delight in my lavender patch

It’s Newsletter Week.

Fun Monday

Hosted today by my friend Melli

Show me (or tell me about) that ONE item in your house that you would just LOVE to put in the next neighborhood yard sale – or take to the dump – but that for SOME reason you just “can’t”… and share the reason too!

fruit cornicopia vase/pitcher

gift from the heart

Some gifts are too precious to ever give away or throw away. This pitcher/vase was a Christmas gift from one of my sons. He bought it for me at a thrift shop (so SOMEONE had given it away) because he knew I liked pretty things. It has been on display for about 6 years now.

My own mother has kept a glazed dish on her dresser that holds tiny odds and ends, made by me in elementary school. The color is a lovely periwinkle, but the pottery itself is painful to look at unless you are a mother or the child who fashioned it with her own hands.

Father’s Day

This weekend hasn’t all been about the last day of school and MM’s graduation from high school; it is also Father’s Day.

I’m not a big fan of “Hallmark holidays” (Valentines Day? meh.) but Father’s Day is special: today is the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day, which began in Spokane, Washington, and is now celebrated in over 50 countries around the world. (I’m not sure what they do on other planets.) I love that Sonora Smart Dodd, the woman who is behind the holiday, wanted this holiday established to honor the man who stood by his family. Her own mother died when she was 16 years old, and her father continued on his own to raise Sonora and her 5 younger brothers.

We don’t do the Hallmark thing at our house; the kids and I make our own cards. SuperDad requested a homemade Key Lime Pie, which is waiting in the freezer. We accepted an offer from a good friend with a backyard pool and spent the latter part of the day escaping from the 90-degree heat (plus humidity).  I loved watching my husband play in the water with his 4 sons.  These are memories that I will treasure.

MusicMan and SuperDad

photo taken by SuperDad’s mom

Graduation Day

From this…

…to this…

Final Day of School

A quick Friday 5 today:

1. Last day of exams for EB and H-J, last day of 4th grade for SM.

2. MusicMan had his last day more than a week ago.

3. I had a good cry on Tuesday night. I’m blaming it on the fact that I don’t get to take him to college in August* (although I realized that it might have something to do with forgetting my happy pills that morning, since I was measuring out the ingredients for scones when the crying started).

4. MM’s grad party is tonight. I finally convinced him to have one — which might have been silly on my part, because it is a lot of work and I don’t even know if more than a handful are coming).  And also because…

5. The graduation ceremony begins at 9am tomorrow morning, so we’ll be hopping here by 7am.

Now go over to Hilary’s blog and see an incredible picture with a corresponding Walt Whitman quote.  She’ll direct you do some other wonderful posts as well. You’re welcome.


*He’s going to college — I just don’t get to take him there. We’re putting him on an airplane and waving goodbye.