Daily Archives: June 1, 2010

Sanity, where art thou?

June — the month of insanity — has arrived.

Oh, she sings bird-songs of sweetness in the cool morning breezes at dawn, but there are thunderclouds building just out of sight and already the heat and humidity are rising.

The forecast for June includes a 22-hour field trip with 5 busloads full my assigned group of 46 a bunch of 14-year-olds and the arrival of my beloved in-laws for a month-long visit. Those two things happen simultaneously this coming Saturday.

The flurry of year-end activities (band concerts, award ceremonies, field day, the aforementioned field trip that lasts 22 hours, and the many events associated with MM’s graduation) are all additions to our normal schedule.  Oh, and then there is the youth mission trip that H-J, EB, and MM are all going on at the end of the month… there have been multiple fundraisers, planning meetings, and much work put into that trip coming together. I’m only slightly filled with guilt when I state that I have NOT been heavily involved in the event; heavily invested, yes, but not heavily involved.

So if you notice my absence from the blogosphere, well, I’m probably doing just fine. Possibly insane, but otherwise normal.

Ah, June… Let the chaos begin!