Vivaldi meets Led Zeppelin

Pops and Popcorn

Last night was the end-of year orchestra concert. No, I don’t have an orchestra student; I’m a band mom, but the parents of musicians help each other out and we share an umbrella organization. While the middle schoolers were playing, I was keeping cans of soda stocked in the ice buckets (and sneaking tiny ice cubes to rub on my neck and drop down my back).  The families appreciated having popcorn and soda available for a donation (we did pretty well — great fundraiser, since the parents donated the soda for the event!), although we will need to stick with just water next year. It’s pretty much a “No-No” to spill soda in the auditorium. (We slipped our friendly custodian payment for the extra cleaning he had to stay late for — this morning is an awards ceremony in that auditorium. )

I was able to sneak into the auditorium for the final 8th grade song, the theme from The Pink Panther. Then I found a seat and thoroughly enjoyed the high school orchestra concert. They started with a piece by Vivaldi and then moved into a rock theme: Coldplay, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Jimi Hendrix (1st violin rocked it!), Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here (arranged by the student teacher from Shepherd University in WV) and finished out with Led Zep’s Cashmere. Incredible!! I kept texting my husband and oldest son to make them jealous.  Hey, it’s not MY fault they chose to stay at home!

Tonight I’ll be rockin’ the popcorn thing again, this time for “A Night at the Movies” for my 8th grader’s band concert. I’m going early to help set-up and serve popcorn, but then I’ll be in the auditorium to enjoy the show as they play theme songs from various movies.

What live music have you enjoyed recently?


4 responses to “Vivaldi meets Led Zeppelin

  1. I love hearing Zep performed by an orchestra!

  2. You sound like a very supportive mom. I love that you make the effort to go to your kids programs.

  3. Ooooo… the only live music I’ve been near recently is at church… I neeeeed to get a live music boost! Sounds like you’ve been having fun while you help out!

  4. You sound like I did a few years back. I can honestly say that I don’t really miss those days but I sure enjoyed them at the time. I’m glad that you’re enjoying yours.