Fun Monday

Hosted today by my friend Melli

Show me (or tell me about) that ONE item in your house that you would just LOVE to put in the next neighborhood yard sale – or take to the dump – but that for SOME reason you just “can’t”… and share the reason too!

fruit cornicopia vase/pitcher

gift from the heart

Some gifts are too precious to ever give away or throw away. This pitcher/vase was a Christmas gift from one of my sons. He bought it for me at a thrift shop (so SOMEONE had given it away) because he knew I liked pretty things. It has been on display for about 6 years now.

My own mother has kept a glazed dish on her dresser that holds tiny odds and ends, made by me in elementary school. The color is a lovely periwinkle, but the pottery itself is painful to look at unless you are a mother or the child who fashioned it with her own hands.


11 responses to “Fun Monday

  1. I have this old clock that belonged to my great grandmother. It’s the ugliest clock ever and I stuffed it into a closet somewhere. But, it’s a family thing and probably worth something too. Usually the uglier it is, the more it’s worth ya know. LOL

  2. Wow. That is an interesting vase thingy. I don’t have anything that I don’t like. Because I wouldn’t keep it. LOL.

  3. Ohhhhh my goodness! THAT is just TOO precious! You are a verrrrrrry GOOD mommy! Yes you ARE!!! ROFL!

    I will never forget – back in the 70’s … my little niece got my sister, for Christmas, a bottle of NEON GREEN nail polish! My sister did not WEAR nail polish — but Jessica thought she should! And so that was the gift she picked! … yes… she DID!

  4. ha! i think being kidless really cuts down on the “things i feel like i should keep despite.. well.. look at it” items 🙂

  5. Oh lord, the calla lily stained glass hanging thingy. It was a wedding present and I tell my husband once a week we have to keep it because of that. I hate it just as much as he does!

  6. Of course it’s not everybody’s taste, lol ! but it is a gift from your son and that of course you have to keep !

  7. Wow, what a vase! 🙂

    Peter has this FUGLY coffee cup that I am hoping and praying breaks one day. It is seriously the ugliest thing I have ever seen, and he has had it for like 15 years.

  8. When I was 6, I took a tin can, glued all kinds of pasta on it, then spray painted it gold and gave it to my grandmother. Gram died when I was 18. She still had that horrid can. It sat on a shelf in the bathroom cupboard. It was full of bobby pins and hair clips. Your ceramic cornucopia is much prettier.

  9. LOL Gifts from the heart are great aren’t they? I have stuff that I can’t throw away like that too, mostly in boxes due to lack of space anymore.

  10. Wow, that’s BEAUTIFUL!

  11. Too funny. Every so often, we hold a “tacky exchange” as part of our street party. This is exactly the kind of item we encourage people to donate. There’s some crazy items lurking behind closed doors!