Busy as a Bee

One of many bees taking delight in my lavender patch

It’s Newsletter Week.

7 responses to “Busy as a Bee

  1. Kill it!

    Okay, maybe not. 😉

  2. Beautiful shot! Lavender is so pretty.

  3. I know somebody ELSE that busy! Indeed I do! LOL! (what a great shot!)

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  5. it must smell lovely!

  6. You jinxed me! I have always just put the newsletter together, usually with plenty of room to spare so I add a joke or cartoon. This time around I actually left out two less urgent news items and had to keep rearranging to make everything fit —plus I was sent two sets of pics to include with no write up or explanation and no names attached! Then, one of the major articles didn’t come in until 2 days after my deadline. I would have refused to print it but the info is critical to getting our youth to camp. So, it took me two and a half DAYS to complete this month’s newsletter.