Friday Five in Photographs plus a Weekend Reflection

1. Father’s Day evening spent at a friend’s backyard patio and pool .  Grandpa (SuperDad’s father) was taking a Father’s Day phone call from his youngest daughter.

Weekend Reflection

2. I was outside photographing the flora and fauna (mostly bees in the lavender) when I shot this pic of SM and Grandma reading side-by-side on the loveseat and managed to capture the reflection of the yellow rose in the window.

flanked by family

3. I am a little surprised at how wonderful Graduation really was… as a first-time mom of a grad, I was unprepared for the amount of pride and joy involved in this event.  We were also unprepared for the crowds and the heat. The ceremony started at 9am, but by 11am when it ended, the temperature had reached 90 degrees.

relaxing during 2010 graduation

EB's feet

4. Due to the fact there were 537 seniors graduating –and each of them were given 8 tickets for family members — the bleachers (hot! hot!) were filled to overflowing and we ended up sitting happily in the shade. We couldn’t see much, but the loudspeakers worked very well and we were comfortable.

5 of the 27

5. My 3 oldest sons (H-J and EB in photo above — yes, my boys wear shorts, sneakers and sandals to church) are 3 of 23 teens going with 4 chaperones to a Native American community in South Dakota for a week. They leave in the morning and will be working in a kids’ program and also helping with home repairs.

10 responses to “Friday Five in Photographs plus a Weekend Reflection

  1. To be honest, I felt that pride when my sister graduated HS and college and even when she was all dressed up for prom back in the day. LOL. Since my passed and there is such an age difference between us, I am 50% sibling and 50% parent – so I get it.

    The photos were great!!

  2. I remember that feeling of pride very well! It´s an emotional moment. I´m happy for you that your boys are so good at volunteering to help.

  3. Once again, congrats on being the mom of a graduate! I am so excited about Emma going into first grade, so who knows how I will be when she graduates high school!

    That is awesome they are going to a Native American community…which one? My parents are associated with one called St. Josephs.

  4. Congrats to the graduate. Now all the fun and games begin 🙂 I think it would be so cool to go on a trip like that. The boys are going to have a great time. I wouldn’t think it would matter what you wear into church but that’s just me. I love the feet picture. LOL Too funny. Have a great weekend 🙂

  5. i totally didnt expect to get choked up at nicks 8th grade graduation…i can only imagine what highschool will be like!

  6. Excellent photos! Love the pic of SM and grandma reading side by side.

  7. How proud you all look! Congratulations to HJ. Love the neighbours porch and the RED cushions. My favourite has be be SM & Grandma reading in the window and not entirely because yellow roses are my favourite 😉

  8. I have worn shorts and a t-shirt to church! If you recall, God made us naked. I don’t think he’s much into the state of our clothing.

  9. This time of year, half the people in our church show up in shorts /t-shirts. Great photos

  10. Such great pics and sharing! The family meal together, the son and gramma reading together, the graduation (and bare feet to keep cool)…

    Preparing for a mission, what a great bunch of boys you have raised! 😉 [All five of ’em] ;-D