Summer Nights

Our days are hot and muggy (quite possibly hell on earth) but the nights bring some relief* with the darkness.

*except for the mosquitoes. They LOVE me. I took Benedryl to sleep last night through the itching.

Summer nights also bring out Toads

And is there anything more lovely than fireflies twinkling like Christmas lights in the trees and shrubs?
If only I had a camera that could actually capture such beauty!

But wait! What is this?

hiding in the rhododendron bush

In SnakeMaster’s eyes, there is something lovely here…

Black Snake at night

click to enlarge and enjoy the eye contact 🙂

Touching, isn’t it? 😉


8 responses to “Summer Nights

  1. He has some sharp eyes!

  2. That’s really cool 🙂 Good spotting!

  3. Avon’s Skin-So-Soft will keep the mosquitoes at bay without harsh chemicals — plus it will make you smell nice and keep your skin soft, too.

    Cute toad. Nice garter snake. No touchy, thanks.

  4. I had to “big it” before I saw him! I didn´t know you get snakes there. But he doesn´t look too dangerous.

  5. in a previous lifetime (read last month) i would have closed the snake picture immediately…i have since learned that not all snakes a looking to eat me and i appreciate the bravery snakmaster shows! very cool, oh and benedryl to sleep through mosquito bites?…Brilliant!

  6. The little blood suckers love me too and I hate spraying stuff on me then having to shower before bed. The Avon never worked for me though. Plant citronella geraniums around your deck, they do a pretty good job. Even though I am allergic to the scent, I can handle one and it helps.
    Candles or torches are out of the ? for me.

    Nice snake, love the shot of SM making eye contact.

  7. Yes, we are enjoying the lightning bugs! Emma loves to run around catching them.

    But NOT enjoying the mosquitos! They are awful.

  8. He comes by his nickname honestly. I was covered in mosquito bites after my time at the cottage. The absolute worst place to get them is the bottom of the feet.. gah!