Weekend in Review

Sending off teenagers for a week-long mission trip
(gah!! pictures by mom!!)

Visiting cousins = weekend play-date

Burning brush to make coals for S’Mores…

I love my fire pit!


…and a few early fireworks.


8 responses to “Weekend in Review

  1. It looks just wonderful.

  2. I now have an irrepressible desire to build a fire pit!

  3. Praying the teens have a safe trip, and I love the fire pit 🙂

  4. *sniff*
    I miss having a fire pit – darned apartments!

    That is a very nice fire pit btw.

  5. I had some friends in San Antonio who had a fire pit. They never used it for hot dogs or s’mores or anything fun like that though.

  6. S’Mores, yum! Great fire pit, too. Of course, my fave is that dazzling fireworks shot.

  7. Everyone loves a fire pit. Me too. Spells “summer” for me.
    I hope your boys are enjoying themselves!

  8. i love fire pits, hot dogs and s’mores!