More Summer Nights

If you were a 10-year-old boy, wouldn’t you love to sleep here?

Of course you would!

Note to Grandma: he has never fallen out of the tree!

12 responses to “More Summer Nights

  1. I am sure if I were 10 years old and a boy, that would be awesome.

    But now, I am thinking of all the bugs, spiders, ants….

  2. He looks like he´s lovin it! 🙂
    And Grandma´s are always worried… no matter what.

  3. I’d love it there!

  4. i want to sleep there NOW!!!!

  5. At 58 I’d be there in a moment – given that I had a thick pad to sleep on.
    My hips aren’t what they used to be, so I need a bit of padding – but I’d be there!

  6. oh my, i would have LOVED that! although does he have a brother or a friend up there with him? i only would have wanted to sleep there if i had company, i think 🙂

  7. As an old man I’d sleep there. Great photos 🙂

  8. My brother would have fallen out at that age. He still would as an adult. He moves around more than anyone in his sleep. Usually by the morning he’s upside down and wrapped up like a ball deep in his sheets.

  9. Cutie! I love the note to grandma lol.

  10. If I’d fit, I’d sleep there now! It looks like the perfect perch.

  11. I’d like to sleep there now!