Daily Archives: July 2, 2010

Just floating along

SuperDad has the day off, and what a beautiful day it is! This morning he parked his donkey (that’s what he calls his Honda Element) near a river access and then we drove upriver about 3 miles to put in the raft.
Yes, that is a cat food tub; no, they are not taking cat food! It’s where they are storing provisions to keep them dry.

rafting on the Potomac

SuperDad and SnakeMaster will enjoy a few hours floating down the river today.

heading downriver from Harper's Ferry

Hopefully they will be home before supper!

Potomac River at Brunswick, MD

This is where they will end their trip.


I enjoyed a lovely drive along the river and took this video to share:

Sorry about the road noise — I had the windows open on this beautiful summer day!