I’m Melting!

Wednesday, July 7th at 3:18pm

Wednesday, July 7th at 10:05pm

And to keep with the Wicked Witch theme, here is my explanation of why I am taking a break from blogging:

My 3 teenage munchkins think they should also have computer time.

Never-mind the fact that I am posting right now!
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain…


12 responses to “I’m Melting!

  1. That are exhibits A and B in why you deserve your own personal laptop–who could do anything BUT blog in that kind of heat?!

  2. I feel for you – both due to the heat and for having to share the laptop with your boys!

  3. Poor thing. Click those Ruby Reds 🙂

  4. Those temps sound/look to familiar! I´m NOT missing them at all. Enjoy…. 🙂

  5. I’m surprised you don’t already have laptops for the boys for school…a friend got the list for next years supplies for his daughter and it is right there…laptop! She’s 10! Outrageous at that age – in this economy.

  6. hot hot hot!!! I’ve had the AC on non-stop the last few days.

  7. What! You have to share your computers! You would faint if you knew how many we have!

    And it finally got warm here!

  8. I am amused by the alert posted on the weather notice to expect poor field conditions for planting. Hubby reminds me that living in a sauna is not a pleasant experience.

  9. I don’t know farenheit, just celcius, so I can’t compare but it’s boiling hot here too.

    The blog interview you did for me has now been posted 🙂 Thanks for agreeing to be a featured blog. http://naivaze.com/?p=1665

  10. LOL! NO KIDDING!!! What was it … in the 70’s the entire week BEFORE my VBS? Then last week we had consecutively 101, 102, 103F days!!! OY! And then on FRIDAY the middle schoolers were going to the water park — so it cooled off to 89! LOL!

    I hope you guys have GORGEOUS weather for yours! And GODLY fun!!! Tons of it!

  11. I read your Fourth of July blog. Simple makes for fun. We have been having great growing weather, but high humidity, with rain.

  12. It’s been so incredibly hot here too. I love my A/C!

    Thank you so much for that kind mention in your wonderful interview over at Teresa Dawn’s blog. You’re so sweet, KC. A true gem. 🙂