What makes you happy?

At 2:28 AM on Tuesday, a single cicada began creating a raucous symphony, which went on for a full 7 minutes. It woke my husband, but I wasn’t sleeping anyhow — it was 72 degrees (22C) with the  dew-point at 71°F — weather-wise, not my ideal sleeping temperature. A couple of rain showers came through here last night (well, not HERE on the blog 😉 )  and I’ve got some very happy flowers and plants this morning.

What makes you happy?

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10 responses to “What makes you happy?

  1. it makes me happy to think my tomatoes will be ready soon and then my husband will eat them and be happy!!!

  2. That cicada would have been mince meat pie. LOL. The morning sunshine makes me happy. 🙂

  3. This whole season makes me happy. I live for summer! Beautiful flowers.. all raindroppy and sweet. 🙂

  4. Right now a good book and my new beach chair make me happy.

  5. Dave, my friends, the ocean, my dogs, iced coffee on a hot day, Cape Cod, YOU…all those make me happy!

    Your Happy Word is “Bliss”

    You are happy because you don’t need a lot to be content. You experience happiness in the best and worst of times. You see the divine in everything. You believe that every moment, person, and creature is unique and special.

    You are an oasis of calm in this chaotic world. You never lose your head. You can feel totally elated and exuberant from the smallest pleasures. You don’t hold back when it comes to ecstasy.

  6. We had very gloomy weather last week, so sunshine this week is making me very happy.

  7. Summer, Loki playing with other dogs, spending time with relatives and friends, taking pictures of tiny flowers… Being alive!

  8. What makes me happy? Lots of things… summer, spring, autumn, cats, dogs, wildlife, nature in all its glory, being warm! Friends and blog-friends and people with intelligence and common sense. Photography, art & architecture, whew…maybe I should stop 😉

  9. That thunder and lightening storm we got the other night made me VERY happy! And giggles make me happy! And then there’s always the chocolate/caramel combination…. 🙂

  10. In Vegas we would get cicadas singing by the hundreds. It was so loud it was deafening. I could hear them over the swamp cooler!