Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

13 Thursday snippets

I’m working in the nursery this week for our church’s Vacation Bible School. Lucky me, I get to spend time with these 2 sweet baby girls!

I’m guessing 10-15 years until I am a grandmother. I’m looking forward to it! 😀

racous symphony
early morning cicada
please go back to sleep

We’ve been spending money like crazy lately and it’s all been for MusicMan to go to college.  SuperDad purchased the laptop that will accompany MM; I purchased the plane ticket and other incidentals (XL bedding, etc.).  I’m avoiding any sight of  the bank account status.

I might need to purchase a plane ticket for myself. My dad fell and broke his leg last week; he is currently hospitalized in a rehab facility while he takes pain meds and they evaluate if his leg can be placed in any sort of a cast.

My mother has been hospitalized this week, too, but her trip was planned: she had a knee replacement on Tuesday.

The doctor told me a few years ago that I’ll probably be looking at a new knee myself in about 20 years. That is a lot more expensive than a plane ticket. Darn arthritis.

Summer here = heat and humidity. SuperDad is TDY in an equally hot and humid location; therefore, I am not envious at all!

However, SnakeMaster is going to the beach for an entire week. His “other family” is taking him again this year; they even get to have him on his birthday! I’m glad he has this opportunity… even if I am a bit green over it.

I am hopeful that the the 6 of us can take one last family vacation before MusicMan heads off to college, EB becomes immersed in the Cross-Country season, and H-J gives up all his free time to Marching Band. SnakeMaster & I have been trying to talk everyone into going to Chincoteague to see the wild ponies.

Of course, I wish I could be taking MM to school. I had originally planned thought about a road trip in conjunction with taking him to college, but then reality reared its ugly head.  Five days of driving in each direction simply isn’t feasible.

I was also toying with the idea of going to Wisconsin again to visit family there. My SIL told me that their schools start earlier than ours, and since she is a teacher and all 3 of her kids are in school, I had to give up on that idea, too.