Dog days of summer

Carmi is focusing on summer this week for Thematic Photographic. The first weekend of July around here truly embodied the “dog days of summer.”

Rachel in the pool

5 responses to “Dog days of summer

  1. That face makes my heart melt! I don’t know what it is about dogs and pools, but put the two together and I just can’t look away.

    I love this shot. It has such a homey, summery feel to it!

  2. TOO funny! What a GREAT shot!

  3. Love it!!! He’s thinkng “Seriously?! Another Photo?! Can’t I just get some peace to relax here?!?”

  4. Wait–it can’t be the dog days yet! Summer just got started!

  5. Oh yes, you’re right. That’s the same little raft that Benny was surfing on. Too cute, that face. Great shot, KC. 🙂