What are the chances?

I spoke (wrote) too soon. Or rather, what was true this morning is true no longer. Apparently, the AZ contingent is now at the ER with probable pulmonary embolism(s).


You’d think that 2 people who’ve been divorced from one another for nearly 30 years wouldn’t be sharing this kind of experience… albeit in different states.

[shakes head sadly]

10 responses to “What are the chances?

  1. Ack! Cranking up the best thoughts.

  2. You knOw I am praying for both of your parents – right? This is very unusual circumstances, to be sure!

  3. Is your husband still TDY? Yikes.

  4. That is a freaky coincidence. Wow–hang in there and get some sleep (of the non-nightmarish variety.

  5. What are the odds that this would happen? My thoughts are with you!

  6. Oh good grief – you are all in my thoughts!

  7. Oh no! That is really a little much to handle. I hope everything will be ok! Praying!

  8. Just to calm you a bit…I have pulmonary embolism(s) and it’s treatable with coumadin! Thinking good positive thoughts for your family and sending you a hug!

  9. Thinking positive thoughts. I am sure everything will turn out all right.

  10. My prayers have been lifted for you, your parents, and your other family members. Tell the parents that you love them both equally and they can stop competing now.