Leaping into summer

leaping into summer

SnakeMaster and his friend wholeheartedly embrace the season.

pool time

These 2 boys (and the dogs!) are having a great time at the beach this week.

Carmi is focusing on summer this week for Thematic Photographic. Do you have photos to share?

5 responses to “Leaping into summer

  1. That doesn’t LOOK like the beach! They are so cute in their matching swim trunks! 🙂

  2. They look so Summer Happy!

  3. I wondered how he jumped so high, and then I noticed the diving board!

  4. It’s great to have a kindred spirit!

  5. Love that first shot.

    You know, over the years I have joined Carmi’s photo challenges several times. No one ever visits me and I end up feeling really bad, then I quit. Then the first week I don’t play tons of people show up ….