9 responses to “Splash!

  1. The fun of childhood! I miss it.

  2. It was so hot here on Sunday that there wasn’t even anyone at the pool. But, that water does look very inviting when you’re out in the heat and humidity.

  3. Great capture! Looks like fun too 😉

  4. THAT is just a great action shot!

  5. Yes, yes, yes. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. You know, it has been so cold here this summer I haven’t even had the urge to swim. Hawaii next week. I bet I’ll get in the water there!

  7. I can feel that cool water splashing my face. Great photo darling!

  8. Wonderful photo. Our backyard features similar sights–well with a small cheap kid pool and a big dog competing with the little ones for splash time.

  9. Ahhhh refreshing!