Sweating it out

I open the door to the dark morning and feel as though I have been covered with a wet wool blanket. Patches of fog dot the landscape. The dewpoint and temperature are within a few degrees of each other — cool and mysterious on an autumn morning but suffocating when it is 76°F (24°C).

We are in the midst of a hot and humid streak of weather, fairly typical for this point in the summer.  If we are lucky, we get an afternoon thunderstorm to relieve the air just a little bit of its heavy moisture. Even a small gust of wind is welcomed as it blows away the stale air.

On days like this, if you can’t be at the pool, then it is time to stay inside with the comfort of air conditioning and find something to do on a hot summer day.

game of Risk

What did you do to “wile away the summer hours” when you were a kid?

14 responses to “Sweating it out

  1. Oh goodness! Well, for starters, (the first 9 years of my life) we never HAD air conditioning, so staying indoors was NOT an option! We played out under the shade of a tree… we had lemonade sales… and we sat up IN the apple and cherry trees eating their luscious fruits! I remember hours too of hopscotch, Mother May I?, and dodge ball or monkey in the middle.

    When I was 9 we moved to an apartment complex with both AC and a pool! Boy! I was in HEAVEN!!! I lived at the pool that summer and my nose got SO sunburned that the doctor said it would NEVER completely recover. (he was wrong) So for the rest of my summers I was forced to walk around with WHITE NOSE syndrome… zinc oxide was my FRIEND! I didn’t care… as long as I was allowed to be at the pool! Thus began a life-long love affair with swimming pools and cards! For when we weren’t swimming, we were playing rummy! And that is how I raised my children too!

  2. You know… this just reminded me of yet one more way in which God has totally BLESSED me in my life!

  3. I like that your kids are not watching TV. It would be the first thing most kids think of to do, when staying inside.

  4. Read, read and then read some more.

  5. i am slowly running out of things to occupy myself indoors and may have to resort to dusting…i cannot wait for the heat to break!

  6. Humid is the worst. At least at the shore there is usually a little breeze even when it is humid. Be strong…winters coming.

  7. Like Jenn I read a lot. We also had a shallow canvas wading pool which would be placed under the house and filled with water – and all seven of us would dip in and out to cool off – we are talking hot humid Queensland summers in my case!

  8. I guess I was lucky to be raised in Alberta – we rarely have the kind of heat and humidity you experience! As kids, we spent our summers playing outside. Rainy days were spent reading or playing board games or cards.

  9. Welll….it depended on where we were living! In Hawaii and Florida we were always going to the beach. Those are my most favorite memories…

  10. Love love love your opening paragraph. Such evocative words.

    What did we do when it was too hot outside?

    Run through the sprinkler!

  11. I spent most of my youth submerged in Lake Coeur d’Alene!

  12. As Sis said…Alberta summers are rarely humid, so we were always out & about unless it was raining.

  13. I don’t remember ever feeling that it was too hot. But rainy days meant paint by numbers, mosaic by number … or symbol (something I’ve not seen since I was a kid), cards, board games and cutouts. I still love summer as much as I did when I was a child.

  14. I spent a ton of time at the library when I wasn’t out riding my bike or begging my Dad to take us swimming!