I laid down for a nap on a hot, muggy Sunday afternoon and woke up to booming thunder and rain pelting the windows. By the time the wind was done blowing, the backyard looked like this:

But the sky that evening looked like this:

10 responses to “Powerful

  1. We missed it! I love dramatic weather.

  2. Wow. Two extremes. I´m always amazed how powerful nature is.

  3. I was thinking of you when i saw the news and the storms! glad everyone is alright! and what a gorgeous sky picture!

  4. Too bad about the tree, lovely sunset though.

  5. You know, that picture of the sunset looks almost as if it was taken at the back of where I live! I’ll find one of may own (many) pictures with an almost identical view!

  6. Thunderstorms are what my husband misses most by living in San Diego.

  7. Hmmmm… Beauty & the Beast… do ya know we got about 5 minutes of sprinkles out of all that. We did get some wind – but NOT like they got 30 miles north — and NOT like YOU got either, apparently! I’m so sorry that beautiful tree took a whoopin’…

  8. Glorious sky! And I glad nothing more than the tree was damaged. Lightening can be very destructive.

  9. That’s too bad about the tree. Nature can be very temperamental but look how beautiful she looks when she gets over it. 😉

  10. poor tree 😦 Lovely sunset, tho!