Friday 5: medical, vacation

1. Health status for each of my parents is looking up right now, although I continue to jump when the phone rings — especially if I see that a family member is doing the calling.

2. Dad moved from the official rehab center to the health unit at his retirement center, which will be much easier on his wife. It was exhausting for her to manage visits several times a week; now she won’t have to drive to see him.  The goal is to regain enough strength to move back into their apartment, but I have some doubts about that ever happening.

3.  Mom hopes to leave her rehab center on Saturday. I think she is a little bit worried about tripping over the cat (who of course misses her) but she is making daily progress and is finally allowed to exercise her knee.  It’s been 18 days since she had her TKR surgery, but the pulmonary embolism situation caused quite the setback 2 weeks ago.

4. MusicMan has been off at a conference this week in PA and is having a fabulous time (“best week ever!”)… despite the ruptured ear drum and the 4 stitches above his eye.  He now knows it’s not a grand idea to sit on the bottom of a deep pool; he also knows why soccer players don’t wear sunglasses.

5. We’re taking a wee family vacation, which means I will be “unplugged” for a while.  Upon return, I’ll be busily getting MM ready for college while transporting H-J to and from band camp. EB is already busy with pre-season Cross Country and will be hitting full stride in August as well.

14 responses to “Friday 5: medical, vacation

  1. Sounds like a busy time ahead. But first have fun on your mini vacation. Can´t wait to hear about where you went.
    Glad your parents have almost recovered.

  2. Enjoy your time away from the computer. I hope that each of your parents continue to heal and regain their wellness during the next week.

    And, being aware of the cat is half the battle! 😉

  3. Glad to hear your folks are doing better. Sorry to hear about MM’s ear and stitches. Hope your vaycay is fabulous.

  4. Is there something that makes our boys get injured before heading off to college? A couple of years ago MVP had several stitches in his leg as he set off for his first year of school.

    Enjoy your unplugged time!

  5. Thanks for the update. Prayers continue. Happy vacation!

  6. oh my GOODNESS i’ve been out of the loop for a bit, and you’ve been going through SO MUCH! i’m very happy to hear everyone is on the mend, at least. eesh. i hope your august is CALM. 🙂

  7. Have a wonderful time! Your family keeps you awfully busy!! I’m going to read back about MM’s adventures.

  8. Enjoy your vacation! If you’re in the PNW I hope you find time to call!

  9. Sorry that there are family ailments but hope that everyone will improve soon. Enjoy the vacation, you busy lady. Be safe, friend.

  10. Glad your parents seem to be on the mend!

  11. I’m sorry you’ve been having to deal with so many difficult things lately. I’m glad things are on the upswing. Just don’t break the cat!

  12. I’m glad things are looking up a bit for your folks. Poor MM though! Boy, life lessons can be tough sometimes! Where’d ya go? Can’t wait to hear!

  13. Ruptured ear drum? What did I miss while I’ve been slacking in my blog reads???

    And, stitches!? Oh My!

  14. Oy vey.

    Have a wonderful vacation. 🙂